Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Package means saving money, safety and comfort of using our carriers witin the next years.

For each inflatable Poltent product, which includes a 2-year warranty, you can order an additional warranty. The warranty can be purchased within 6 months from the buying date.

The package is avaiable in 2 versions:

 Package 2+1  – that is additional 365 days in the third year of the usage of the product.

 Pachage 2+2  means 730 days of the warranty in the third and fourth year of the usage of the product.

Why is the warranty counted in days not in months?
Because you can change the unused days of the warranty to buy a new product!

The unused days of the additional warranty are changed into a discount, which will be addes to the bill of sale while purchasing a new inflatable. You only need to submit a request to exchange THE UNUSED DAYS OF THE PACKAGE for a discount.

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