Our Production

Poltent’s staff is a great team working hard to meet your challenges!

Therefore we put a lot of efforts into improving every product to meet your expectations. Commercial artists design even the most complex and sophisticated concepts in 2D and 3D formats.
Owing to the fact your advertisement will not only catch prospective customer's eyes, but will also make your competition quickly aware of you. Our design engineers will do their best to make the concept live up to your requirements. Unusual dimensions are our speciality! If you have an unusual concept contact us immediately. Together we will create something original and extremely different!

Our fantastic crew will not only conjure up fabulous colours for you on the printer, we will also take care of solving even the slightest incompatibilities immediately. Rainbows of colours will be eye-catching!

Qualified needlewomen work with great dedication and accuracy. You can be sure that your product will meet individual approaches since they do their work with passion. As soon as your product is finished our team makes sure it will fufill your order and then send it directly to you!

We assure that every inflatable is handmade and every production stage is checked carefully!


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