Rotate 360
    Special features:
    An advertising banner in a simple shape will fastly change the graphic.
    Novelty that attracts attention of the crowd.
    LED lighting and Dusk to Dawn Sensor. Be visible also at night.
    LED lighting
    A characteristic feature of the Delta baloon is a large advertising space. The inflatables are made from polyester fabric 300 g/m2. Products can be made either from a coloured fabric or can be 100% overprinted. Graphics can be digitally overprinted or by means of screen printing (Read more: Colours and Graphic).
    Essential equipment for the set up and use of the balloon is provided along with the product.
    The set contains:
    • operating manual,
    • anchors and ropes,
    • ventilator,
    • hammer.

    Retrofitting the inflatables enables greater functionality. Optional: replaceable banners, LED lighting, electric power generator, protective cover, transport bag. Go to the Accessory tab and find products the Beta balloon can be retrofitted with.

    Product anatomy:

    |  1. advertising space  |  2. head of the balloon  |  3. base of the balloon
    Delta balloon is available in 5 standard sizes. Please send us an inquiry if you are interested in non-standard size of the product. We will make every effort to meet your expectations.

    2 3 4 5 6
    Advertising Space Width
    0,70x4,00 1,00x6,00 1,40x8,00 1,70x10,00 2,10x12,00
    Customized colour palette to meet your expectations.
    Printing technology:
    • transfer printing – rich colours,
    • solvent printing – durability and easy to clean,
    • screen printing – perfect for simple graphics.

    11 coloured fabrics (according to MS Pantone) in the STANDARD palette.

    13 colours (according to MS Pantone) available in the STANDARD Plus palette.

    *refers to 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m balloons
    • replaceable banners mounted on a hook and loop tape,
    • transport bag,
    • protective mat 6x10 m,
    • elliptic sand weight 40 kg or 100 kg,
    • balloon base: steel cross or Oriented Strand Board.

    Electric accessories:
    • LED lighting (Dusk to Dawn Sensor is optional),
    • electric power generator,
    • voltage converter.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359