Rotate 360
    Special features:
    Available two fabric colour palettes.
    Colours and Graphic
    Replaceable banners are great for different events.
    Additional runners increase stability.
    The Sinus gate is a conjunction of the multi purpose rectangular gate and arched gate characterized by it’s shape.
    Made of polyester fabric and provided with neccessary equipment:
    • hammer,
    • anchores,
    • ropes,
    • ventilator
    • a helpful operating manual.
    For additional information go to the accessories tab. Product warranty: 2 years. Sinus gate can be enriched with 3D elements and runners. Customized sizes on request. Contact with us and gain detailed information.

    You can add 3D elements and runners to the Sinus gate. Customized sizes are available on request. Contact us for more information.

    Product anatomy:


    | 1. Leg | 2. Cross-Beam
    Sinus Gate detailed dimensions.

    Sinus Gate
      Small Gate Large Gate
    External Dimensions [m] 8x4 11,2x5,6
    Internal Dimensions [m] 5,6x2,8 8x4
    Hook and Loop Fields on Cross-Beam [m] 3,5x1,0 5,0x1,3
    Hook and Loop Fields on Legs [m] 1,0x1,5 1,3x2,0
    Graphics are printed through different methods: solvent, transfer and screen printing. A wide variety of coloured fabrics available in STANDARD and STANDARD Plus* colour palette. We also provide non-standard colours suiting your brand. For more information please contact us.

    11 coloured fabrics (according to MS Pantone) in the STANDARD palette.

    paleta standard
    paleta standard
    paleta standard
    paleta standard

    13 colours (according to MS Pantone) available in the STANDARD Plus palette.

    paleta standard plus
    paleta standard plus
    paleta standard plus
    paleta standard plus
    paleta standard plus
    *refers to 8x4 m gates
    • transport bag,
    • overhanging banners mounted on plastic hooks or hook and loop tape,
    • protective mat 6x10 m or 10x12 m,
    • replaceable banners mounted on hook and loop tape,
    • eliptic sand weights 40 kg lub 100 kg,
    • Oriented Strand Board.

    Electric accessories:
    • voltage converter,
    • LED lighting with optional Dusk to Dawn sensor,
    • electric power generator.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359