Rotate 360
    Special features:
    Use our beanbags and lounge pillows in outdoor cinemas.
    Great during summer and in the winter on slopes.
    You can easily mount an advertising net on the airwall.
    Projection screen wall is a modern form of advertising. Owing to this product you are capable of building your own cinema at any event. The screen is placed on three legs, therefore the open-air cinema is more efficient.
    The fabric is mounted on hook and loop tape. You can mount an overprintedt grid on the advertising medium creaiting a total new way of advertising.

    Basic set is equiped with:
    • ropes,
    • anchors,
    • hammer,
    • ventilator,
    • operating manual and transport cover.

    Additional equipment in accessory tab.
    We have in our offer the projection Screen Wall 7x4,5 m. If you are looking for a different size please contact us.

    Projection Screen Wall
      small medium large extra large
    Screen Size [m] 5,20 x 3,95 7,00 x 4,90 9,50 x 6,50 11,3 x 8,10
    Leg Diameter [m] 0,95 0,95 1,30 1,30
    Advertising area [m] 4,26 x 0,97 6,06 x 0,97 8,20 x 1,15 10,00 x 1,45
    Projection Screen Fabric Size [m] 4,26 x 2,51 6,06 x 3,46 8,20 x 4,70 10,00 x 6,00
    Black is the most appropriate colour for projection screen walls. 100% overprint or mounting advertising banners on the base is optional (hook and loop fields on legs).
    For long longer shows we recommend beanbags.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359