Rotate 360
    Special features:
    Moving airdancers are the eye-catchers in advertising.
    Large advertising space with an 100% overprint.
    Perfect for outdoor events.
    Airdancers are vigorously moving characters. Air circulation provided by the fan results in their movement. This kind of advertising ensures that the viewers can't be indifferent to it. The product is available in two models: one-legged and two-legged. Read more in Sizes. The a dvertiising medium is made of european polyester rip-stop fabric 85 g/m2. Vivid colours guaranteed by full transfer overprint.

    We recommend LED lighting for the air dancers to make them visible even in the dark.

    Complete set consits of overprinted fabric and fan.

    Warranty includes:
    Fabric – 3 months.
    Ventilator – 2 years.
    Airdancers are available in 2 models (one-legged and two-legged) and 3 sizes (4 m, 5 m, 6 m) to find the most suitable product for you and your brand.
    Due to 100% overprint you receive a large advertising space for your brand.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359