Rotate 360
    Special features:
    Steel cross or Oriented Strand Board recommended for the base of the balloon.
    Oriented Strand Board
    7 colours of ropes available.
    colours of ropes
    LED lighting and Dusk to Dawn Sensor for better visibility.
    LED lighting
    The line shape of the balloon looks like a light bulb. The Beta balloon is made from polyester fabric 300 g/m2. Inflatables can be made either from a coloured fabric or 100% overprinted. Graphics on balloons can be digitalny overprinted or via screen printing (Read more: Colours and Graphic).
    The balloon is equiped with essential product accessories. The set contains:
    • operating manual,
    • anchors and ropes,
    • ventilator,
    • hammer.
    You can add additional products to make the balloon more functional. Choose from: replaceable banners, LED lighting, electric power generator, protective cover, transport bag are optional. Go to the Accessory tab to see more additional products for the Beta balloon.

    Product anatomy:
    | 1. advertising space | 2. head of the balloon | 3. base of the balloon
    Beta balloon is available in 6 standard sizes. If you are looking for non-standard size of the product please contact us. We will make every effort to fulfill your expectations.

    2 3 4 5 6 8
    Advertising Space Width
    0,55x4,50 0,80x6,70 1,10x9,00 1,40x11,30 1,70x13,50 2,30x18,20
    Customized colour palette to meet your expectations. Printing technology:
    • transfer printing – rich colours,
    • solvent printing – durability and easy to clean,
    • screen printing – perfect for simple graphics.
    No limits for your imagination due to full overprint!

    The STANDARD palette is based on 11 coloured fabrics (according to MS Pantone).

    The STANDARD Plus palette provides 13 available colours (according to MS Pantone).

    *for ballons in size 2m, 3m, 4m

    • replaceable banners mounted on a hook and loop tape,
    • transport bag,
    • protective mat 6x10 m,
    • elliptic sand weights 40 kg or 100 kg,
    • balloon base: steel cross or Oriented Strand Board.

    Electric accessories:
    • LED lighting (Dusk to Dawn Sensor is optional),
    • electric power generator,
    • voltage converter.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359