Rotate 360
    Special features:
    Original ropes matching the tents.
    Coloured Rope
    Halogen lighting recommended after dark!
    Plastic floor perfect for uneven surfaces.
    Large advertising space on 5-legged inflatable tents. Inflatables can be overprinted in several printing methods: solvent, transfer and screen printing. A vide range of colours available in basic PANTONE palette enables short time realisation. The PANTONE  Plus colour pallete and fire retardant fabrics are available on request.
    Basic equipment consists of:
    • anchors and ropes,
    • ventilator,
    • hammer,
    • operating manual.
    The product along with the equipment is packed into a transport cover.

    Product anatomy:


    | 1. Roof | 2. Wall | 3. lower part of the wall | 4. Module

    The two-year warranty includes fabric and equipment.

    Additional accessories enable for  the inflatable to gain new features: replaceable banners, connectors for setting up corridors between tents, sand weights, plastic floor, LED lighting illuminating overprinted graphic on tent's legs, halogen lighting mounted inside the product, electric power generator).
    Read more in accessories.
    5-legged advertising „spider” tents are available in two diameters 8,3 m and 10 m:

    Usable Area [m2]
    External Height [m]
    Internal Height [m]
    Entry Width [m]
    Entry Height [m]
    Leg Diameter [m]
    fi 8,3 m
    ca. 32
    4,60 3,65 3,30 2,00 0,90
    fi 10 m ca. 47 5,60
    4,00 2,20 1,10
    Colours and printing method are suited to your individual needs. We can make any graphics, from simple graphics to full overprints.
    Choose available printing methods: solvent, transfer or screen printing. Solvent and transfer printing are perfect for diverse and multicolour graphic. For simple graphics screen printing is recommended.

    Coloured fabrics available in STANDARD palette. 11 coloured fabrics (according to MS Pantone) in the STANDARD palette.

    paleta standard
    paleta standard
    paleta standard
    paleta standard

    • connectors for setting up corridors between tents,
    • Windows for tents,
    • Replaceable banners mounted on a hook and loop tape,
    • Transport bag, Plastic floor PVC (25x25 cm piece),
    • Protective mat 6x10 m and 10x12 m,
    • Eliptic sand weights 40 kg or 100 kg.

    Electric accessories:
    • electric power generator,
    • LED lighting mounted in tent's legs optional with Dusk to Dawn sensor,
    • halogen lighting, voltage converter.

    phone:+44 74 4531 2359